After your arrival, you will first get to know everything about the Zorb. We will tell you the exact procedure of the activity and everything you want to know about this weird part. Decide which ride you prefer and then you are ready to take off.

Doing Downhillzorbing you will experience giant loops, each turn is different, loose the horizon or even make a jump and arrive soaking (s)we(a)t - wow! For the spectators it only looks like a short bit of fun. But for the zorbonaut it's an unforgettable experience. There are many types: different lengths and gradients, types of soil, wind and weather, assisted start, run-out - which all affect the Zorb ride and no ride is the same.

For Hydrozorbing e put a bucket of water in the Zorb. The surface gets slippery and you "surf" (so-to-speak) your way down the hill. There is not only one type of fun!

  • Are you the cautious type? - Then just sit down and surf the whole way down.
  • Are you crazy? - Run, walk, or do somersaults, dive, but don't forget to close your mouth!
  • Are you a hero? Then take the Hydro-Zorb Challenge: run the whole way from top to bottom on the inside of the wet Zorb and win a free Zorb T-shirt.

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